Furnishing and Interior design

In and outdoor learning environment transformation projects are our core competences, together with our learning partners. We design and coordinate your change projects according to your expectations and needs.

Our homes are modern and furnished to create cosy environments in which people can relax. Companies have also invested in making work environments comfortable and inspiring. The school, however, has persisted in keeping the same basic format unchanged. Today’s pupils and parents demand something more. This puts pressure on schools and physical learning and teaching environments with respect  to their functionality, architectural solutions, furniture, lighting and technology definitions. A comfortable, healthy and home-like learning environment is pleasing for its users and enhances learning results. It is an investment for the future and offers versatile operations not just for the school but also for the surrounding community.

Together with pedagogy, architecture and technology experts we define the current situation and design the transformation project. We will be your partner also in developing teachers competences and in changing the working culture.