New media solutions (AR/MR)

New technologies and media solutions are reality in learning and living. Our children have virtual access to everything except the most important thing: their school. New learning and training materials have mostly been e-books or digital materials from publishers. Students of this new era need learning solutions which they can update and modify by themselves and within their teams. They need to have different technologies, where they can move among different solutions, 3D Internet and immersive worlds. These technologies and environments they need to utilize in their learning and teaching processes.

New media solutions we are able to offer are Augmented reality and Mixed reality solutions (AR/MR) e.g. 3D-books or/and  other learning materials. E-books are easy to update and modify. 3D printing is the upcoming technology for learning. Immersive environments create a continuum where you can start from innovative physical environment and through your mobile device log on into mixed reality and then with your own personalized avatar connect yourself into 3D virtual learning and training environment.

We use realXtend technology as a basic platform and engine. Based on existing best examples, we are willing to search new ways to work and utilize efficiently technology and distance learning in education.