To open your eyes and start thinking differently. Decide to change your approach to learning and development of physical and virtual learning environments and solutions.

We offer innovations in pedagogy, architecture and technology in education towards 21st century learning and learning environments. This joint project usually starts with one day “wake-up” workshop and visits and meetings with key developers and decision makers. The next step is one or two day session with experts in pedagogy, architecture and technology for the same or a larger audience. The development work with us starts through the following steps:

  1. “Wake up” workshop and Innovation workshop in Pedagogy, Architecture and Technology in combination with a Study visit or a School Development Tool process.
  2. Implementation project e.g. changing one school building wing or the whole school indoor and outdoor transformation project or new school planning process.
  3. An innovation programme for schools in a city, a region or the whole country. This will be done in a triple helix collaboration involving public, research and business sectors.