Technology Enhanced Learning Environments

The school can no longer claim the sole right to learning, the teacher no longer owns the knowledge and the book is no longer the only source of learning. Learning does happen also outside the classroom. In addition to formal circumstances, learning happens in informal situations, anytime and anywhere. Pupils and teachers utilize technology and media mostly in order to create teams and networks and to find information for them.

A student’s relationship with technology is personal, and therefore it is best to provide each student with a personal one to  one learning device. This offers access to information at all times. On the other hand this requires a lot  from learning environments, connections and wireless solutions that guarantee mobility.

Our solution is to provide small learning nests and communities for a number of students and their special needs. We want to design and create your environments tailored to your demands. We have a number of selected technology to enhanced learning environments to start work and connect the latest technologies with innovative architectural designs in your personalized learning environments.